Access Control is Not Just for the Big Business

There was a time when small and medium businesses were priced out of having sophisticated access control systems. As a consequence, many businesses still believe that security technologies beyond video surveillance, fire, and intrusion are costly extras that remain far out of reach. However, those days are gone. While access control technologies have continued to advance, they have also become widely available and more affordable than ever. Not only are they affordable, not having access control can ultimately be hurting your business.

Here are some important reasons small and medium businesses need access control.

Criminals are Sophisticated

Today’s criminals are extremely savvy and a simple lock and key system will not hold them at bay. To the criminal, a business not protecting itself with access control is about the same as one that simply leaves its doors wide open 24/7.

You Need to Prevent Loss

As a business, you work within tight margins. That’s why it is so critical that you protect yourself from loss by restricting access to your facility, and critical parts of the facility. If all, or many, employees have keys and full access to your facility it provides a huge opportunity for things like doors being left open to thieves. It also means more opportunity for employee theft. Access control allows you to control levels of access to any part of your facility and have a log of who gained access to particular areas.

You Incur Additional Expenses

With traditional locking systems, you have no way of knowing how many keys are floating around, or if a disgruntled employee walked off with one. This means that to keep the business safe, you need to rekey the facility regularly to maintain adequate security. With access control, you simply change and control access through a simple interface. Controlling access also means you can prevent unauthorized people out of areas where they could cause intentional or unintentional damage that would need repair.

Increased Risk

Not adequately controlling access to your business means that your business and your employees are at increased risk of fraud, workplace violence, and more.

You Miss Out on Hiring the Most Qualified People

Attracting and keeping qualified employees is difficult, especially for the small and medium business. Job seekers have many choices and the potential employers, too, must pass an expansive unspoken litmus test to gain the employee’s interest. A recent survey conducted by Workthere found that how a business implements technology and the technologies used are the top things that impact their choice in where they work. It found that 25% of employees would pass over a business that did not invest in an impressive tech spec, including security. Another 24% said they would look for a new job is their place of employment did not invest in these technologies over time.

Having access control does much more for a business than offer pure security. Find out more by calling SRI Security and Audio/Video today! 610-358-3550